Admission is open for Montessori (Nursery) to Class IX. Admission process is simple, liberal and on the spot.


The class hours from Monday to Friday are from 8.15 am. to 1.30 pm. On Saturday,it is from 8.15 am. to 11.45 am. Students are not allowed to go out of the campus during intervals. The above timing has been fixed in accordance with the national consensus of having early working hours for Eastern India.


Examinations in an academic year comprises of 2 (two) Mid Term Tests, Half Yearly & Annual Examinations . The final result depends upon comprehensive and continuous evaluation with percentage weightage of 20% from 2 (two) Mid Term Tests, 30% from the Half Yearly and 50% from Annual Examination .
Students securing First Class First rank in the comprehensive assessment is declared to be the Gold
Medalist of the class and a token Gold Medal is awarded.
Grades are awarded for co-curricular and additional subjects.
A Progress Report is issued wherein reports of all tests and examinations are given for the guardians to review.


The school fees must be paid for 12 (twelve) calendar months. Fees should be paid on or before 15th of each month. Defaulters are imposed fine as fixed from time to time.

                                            SCHOOL UNIFORM

The school uniform for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday consists of:

a) Black Shorts (Half Pant)/ Trousers ( Long Pant) /Skirt

b) Saffron Shirt.

c) Green V-shaped Sweater / Blazer.

d) Green Leather Shoes.

e) White Socks.

f) School Badge, Belt & Tie.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the uniform shall be same except for White Shirt and White shoes.


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